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How Do I Renew My Expired ASIC Business Name

Considering a company name renewal in Australia? Here’s what you should know;

In Australia, a company can use a name different from its legal name in business if that name is registered as its business name. If you have a registered business name, you will get a reminder 30 days before the renewal of your registration is due, either by email or regular mail. Online renewal of business names is available for periods of one to three years.

How Do I Renew My Expired ASIC Business Name?

A company’s name is crucial to its success. Your company’s name is the first thing people will notice about your business, so it should reflect the tone in which you want to be perceived.

It needs to be something that can be used for everything from your website to your marketing to your packaging to your signs; it needs to be unique, memorable, timeless, simple, and uncontroversial. However, it must also be original for obvious legal reasons.

In this article, you’ll find all the details you need to know for reregistering your Australian company name. Details such as how much it will cost to renew your business name, how long your renewal term might be when reminders will be sent, and what happens next once you renew are all covered here.

By registering a business name, you can do business under a name other than your own. If you want to do business under that name, you must register it with the government.

There is a chance that a third-party service provider will reach out to you to offer assistance in renewing your company’s name. Service providers such as accountants, lawyers, and others can use our web tools to renew a company name on their client’s behalf.

Things You Must Have

  • your renewal notice’s account number, or
  • account number (if it is recorded on your business name details)
  • your financial information.

The Procedure For Making An Application

  1. To renew your subscription online, click the link provided.
  2. Input your ABN or account number.
  3. Simply choose the company name that you’d like to keep using.
  4. Decide on the length of the renewal.
  5. Please review the information displayed to confirm your approval.
  6. The due date for payment is now.
  7. Be sure to send in your data.

If you receive a renewal notice, the fee must be paid by the date specified therein. You risk having your company’s name revoked by ASIC if you fail to renew it on time.

The Various Methods Of Payment

Your online payment options are:

  • a bank-issued plastic card (only Visa or Mastercard)

For those who would rather not use electronic payment methods, we also accept:

  • ask for a bill to be sent to you, or
  • BPAY is accepted for payment.

There will be a record of registration emailed to the business email address once ASIC has received payment.

When Do I Have To Renew My Company Name?

You should renew your company name every year or every three years.

To renew your business name with ASIC, you must first get a renewal notification. Thirty days before the renewal date, the renewal notice is made available.

If your business name is still “registered” after the renewal period has passed, you can renew it. If the renewal fee is not paid within 2 months of its due date, ASIC will send a warning that the business name will be revoked unless payment is made.

Cancelling a business name will make it unavailable for registration for six months. After 6 months, you will be able to apply to have your company’s name changed back.

Business License Renewals Late: What Happens?

Keeping a business license current and in good standing requires regular upkeep. Depending on the license, this usually means that the license needs to be renewed every year or at regular intervals. Penalties for operating a business without a valid license are common across jurisdictions and agencies, and they tend to increase the longer the license has expired.

If a company’s renewal application is even one day late, the license could be declared invalid. In many of these situations, the company has to shut down for a short time. one

Advantages Of Company Registration

You’ll Reduce Personal Liability.

When you run your firm as a sole proprietor or in partnership, you take full responsibility for its successes and failures. Also, you will be held fully responsible for any damages that result from the sale of a flawed product or any mistakes that you make. When a business is run like this, the owner’s resources are just as likely to be in danger as the company’s.

In contrast, when you form a corporation, which is its legal entity, you can protect your assets from the results of your business decisions. You won’t have to pay for the company’s debts on your own, so you can focus on growing the business.

You’ll Reduce Taxes.

With a corporation structure, your tax burden may be lighter depending on the size of your business’s annual sales. In Australia, the maximum personal tax rate is higher than the current rate for enterprises and small businesses. If you are a sole proprietor, your business gains are just another part of your income in the eyes of the tax man.

Your company can deduct the costs of advertising, training employees, and maintenance and repairs from its taxable income.

Avoid Disagreement With Founders.

If a dispute arises with your cofounder, registering your business is a huge help. To a large extent, the number of shares an owner has in a firm determines how much sway they will have over its management.

The shareholders will be aware that they are not investing in the company based on any pre-registration verbal or written guarantees. The allotment of shares will also determine who has the most say in the event of a disagreement.

In a similar vein, formal corporate structures permit you to separate ownership from operational duties. You may, for instance, have several shareholders yet employ non-shareholders as managers. Because of this, the company may be run by specialists with a singular focus: increasing the company’s bottom line.

Brand Awareness And Legitimacy

Let your mind wander to some of today’s most ubiquitous companies, like Google, Nike, and Facebook. In other words, these are all legitimate businesses. A well-defined corporate framework is important for a business to grow as much as it can.

It’s good for business and public perception if your company is officially recognized. A corporation exists independently of its owners and management. You’ll also need to sign up for an Australian Company Number (ACN) and report to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ACN).

Having a company registration is also useful for future interactions with other parties since some companies will only work with those that have one. This implies that from now on, all commercial contracts you enter into will be in the name of your corporation rather than your own.

Capital Is Available.

Your firm will have an easier time luring capitalists and raising funds. It is possible to sell shares and raise equity capital after registering a company, as well as to borrow money and incur debt. If your business is not set up like an S-Corporation, you will still have to report business income and expenses on your tax return, even if the money is going back into the business.

To grow and expand, you may need to raise capital. Many investors would rather put their money into a formal business structure like a corporation than a less formal one like a sole proprietorship or partnership.


Getting a business recognized as a legal entity is one of the best ways to help it grow and protect its future.

As a bonus, you’ll be able to put all your energy into making your business successful rather than worrying about potential legal repercussions. it keeps your company active in the eyes of the corporate affairs commission, assures customers that they are dealing with a legitimate enterprise, and gives you an advantage over competitors who haven’t taken the time to register.

What are you waiting for? Click on “renewing a business name” and renew your business now!

Garage Organisation Ideas

The garage, more than any other area in the house, is prone to become a de facto “junk drawer.” It’s easy to let things get out of hand once you start storing random household items in the garage.

Although there is no universally perfect method for garage organization, we have listed some of our favourite storage solutions. Learn how to properly manage and utilize the space you keep your car in by reading this article’s suggestions.

Garage Organisation Ideas

Here are a few ideas for organizing a garage:

1. Use Shelving And Storage Systems:

Organizing a garage is best accomplished through the utilization of various shelving and storage systems. It is possible to locate a shelving and storage system that is suitable for your unique requirements as a result of the wide variety of options that are now on the market. Among the available choices are:

Wire shelving: 

Wire shelving is a popular choice for garages because it is long-lasting, simple to install, and can be changed to accommodate the objects that need to be kept in storage.

Metal Shelving: 

Shelving made of metal is another sturdy choice that works well in a garage and is ideal for that environment. Even though it may be a little bit more expensive than wire shelving, it is quite durable and can support a lot of weight.

Wooden Shelving: 

While shelving made of wood can be an excellent choice for a garage, it may not be as long-lasting as shelving made of metal or wire. If you decide to go with wooden shelves, make sure to choose solid wood and mount it to the wall in a reliable manner.


Cabinets are an excellent choice for storing objects that you would prefer to be concealed from plain view. You have access to a wide variety of cabinet designs, allowing you to select an option that is optimized for use in the space available in your garage.


Racking systems, such as those used for storing bicycles or kayaks, can make it simple and easy to put away and retrieve even the heaviest of things.

In general, the objective is to choose the shelving and storage systems that will provide the best solution for meeting your requirements in terms of the amount of space they can provide, how long they will last, and how much money they will cost.

2. Label Everything: 

One of the most critical steps in maintaining order in your garage is to label everything there is to label. Labelling something will make it simple for you to discover what you need, and it will also assist you in maintaining an accurate inventory of the objects you own. Labelling the contents of your garage can be done in a variety of ways, including the following:


You can mark storage containers, shelves, and other items with stickers or sticky labels. Stickers are available at most office supply stores.

Labels made of chalkboard or whiteboard material: 

You can label storage containers, shelves, and other items using labels made of chalkboard or whiteboard material.

Labels with a Sharpie: 

If you want to label storage containers, shelves, and other goods, you can use a permanent marker like a Sharpie.

Label maker: 

If you want to label anything in your garage, a label maker is useful equipment to have. Because it can be used to produce labels in a range of various font styles and sizes, it makes it simple to create labels that appear like they were created by a professional.

When labelling, it is important to be specific and explicit. For instance, rather than labelling a container with the generic term “miscellaneous,” you may mark it with the specific goods that are included within, such as “Christmas decorations” or “Power tools.”

When labelling, it is important to make use of a typeface that is legible and to position the labels in a spot where they can be easily seen. This can help you maintain the organization of your garage over time and make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for while you’re searching for it.

3. Hang Items:

If you want to keep things off the floor and out of the way in your garage, hanging them up is a terrific method to do both. It is also an excellent method for conserving space and making greater use of the vertical space in your garage. The following are some possibilities for hanging things in your garage:

Wall-Mounted Racks And Hooks: 

Racks and hooks that are fixed on the wall offer a convenient way to store and organize a variety of objects, including bicycles, tools, and sporting goods. They are available in a wide range of dimensions and designs, making it possible for you to choose something that will be suitable for use in your garage.

Ceiling-Mounted Racks And Pulleys:

Racks and pulleys that are fixed on the ceiling can be utilized to hang a variety of goods, including your automobile, bicycles, and even ladders. Racks and pulleys that are fixed on the ceiling of your garage are an excellent method to make better use of the vertical space there as well as preserve floor space.

Tool Hangers:

Hanging tools such as hammers, wrenches, and screwdrivers are made possible with the use of hangers specifically designed for that purpose. They are available in a wide range of designs, some of which include magnetic tool holders and pegboard tool hangers.

Overhead Storage: 

If you have a lot of things that you need to store but not a lot of space on the floor, an excellent solution is to suspend storage racks, cabinets, or boxes from the ceiling. This is a terrific alternative for people who are in this situation.

Always check to be sure that the items you are hanging are safely attached to the wall or ceiling, and that they can support the weight of the item that you will be hanging from them.

In general, hanging things in your garage can be an excellent way to keep things organized, conserve space, and make it simple for you to locate what you need when you need it quickly.

4. Group Similar Items Together: 

To maintain order in your garage and make things more accessible, one helpful strategy is to store objects that are analogous to one another in the same section.

When you store products that are similar together, it is much simpler to find what you need, and you will also have a better idea of where to place things when you are finished with them. The following are some examples of ways to group similar items:


Ensure that all of your various types of tools, including power tools, hand tools, and gardening tools, are stored in the same section of your garage. Either by the project that they are used for or by the type of tool (such as screwdrivers with other screwdrivers, saws with other saws), you can organize them.

Equipment For Sports: 

A designated space in your garage should be used to store all of your sporting goods, including tennis rackets, basketballs, and soccer balls, among other items.

Outdoor Equipment: 

Store all of your lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and hedge trimmers in the same section of your garage to keep them organized and easy to find when you need them.

Tools For Cleaning: 

Collect all of your various cleaning supplies, like brooms, mops, and cleaning solutions, and store them in a single location within your garage.

Automotive Tools And Supplies:

Supplies and tools for automobiles Arrange all of your automobile-related supplies and equipment, including wrenches, sockets, and oil, in a single section of your garage.

You will be able to readily find what you are looking for, and it will be more efficient for you to find everything you need for a certain activity or project if you put together objects that are related to one another.

It also makes it simple to notice when you are getting low on something so that you can quickly replenish it when necessary. In addition, using this strategy will make it simpler for you to keep track of your inventory, and it will also result in a presentation that is more aesthetically pleasing.

5. Make Use Of Vertical Space:

Utilizing the vertical space in your garage is a fantastic method to both save room on the ground level and maintain order among your belongings. You’ll be able to store more things in your garage if you take advantage of the space above eye level rather than using up important space on the floor. To better utilize the vertical space in your garage, consider the following ideas:


Ensure that the shelving units you install are tall enough to reach the ceiling. This will make it possible for you to store products on the top shelves, which are frequently out of the way and are consequently not utilized very frequently but are nonetheless simple to reach.


Make sure you install cabinets that go all the way to the top of the wall. This will provide you with the ability to put objects inside the cabinets, where they will be out of the way and protected from any dust or other material that may be present.

Overhead Storage: 

Storage space that is created by installing racks, cabinets, or boxes that are ceiling-mounted is referred to as overhead storage space. This is an excellent method for storing things that you don’t use very frequently, such as decorations for special occasions or products that are only used at certain times of the year.

Wall-Mounted Racks And Hooks: 

Racks and hooks that are attached to the wall Make use of racks and hooks that are attached to the wall to hang objects such as tools, bicycles, and sports equipment. They will remain off the ground and out of the way thanks to this solution.


To make better use of the available floor space, install racks or shelves that have been constructed with the sole purpose of holding goods such as canoes, kayaks, or surfboards.

Utilize A Ladder: 

If you have high shelves or storage above your head, using a ladder is a fantastic alternative because it will allow you to reach products that are placed in higher places with ease.

You’ll be able to store more things and keep your garage better organized if you make use of the vertical space in your garage. This may be accomplished by making use of the shelving units.

6. Use A Pegboard:

In a garage, a pegboard is an excellent method for organizing tools and various other tiny stuff. Pegboards are normally formed of hardboard or metal that has been perforated and come with a variety of hooks, brackets, and shelves that can be placed into the holes to hold various items. Pegboards are typically used for organizing and storing items.

The use of a pegboard in your garage comes with several advantages, including the following:


The versatility of a pegboard lies in the fact that it may store a wide range of implements, including pliers, wrenches, and screwdrivers, in addition to other things, such as keys and flashlights.


You can easily move the hooks and brackets around to accommodate the size and shape of your tools and other items, allowing you to make the best use of the space provided by the pegboard.


The products are visible, which makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Additionally, this helps you realize when you need to refill an item or when you have an excessive amount of anything.


Pegboards can be mounted on the wall, which clears up valuable space on the ground.


Pegboards are long-lasting and can support a significant amount of weight; as a result, they are an excellent choice for storing heavy equipment.

When putting up a pegboard, make sure to do it in a location that is not only convenient to access but also has sufficient room for all of the items that you intend to hang on it. In addition to this, make sure that it is attached to the wall in such a way that it can withstand the weight of the tools and other goods that you intend to store on it.

7. Declutter Regularity:

Regularly removing debris from your garage is one of the most important things you can do to maintain its order.

You’ll have an easier time keeping your garage in order in the long run if you get rid of things you don’t need or no longer use, and you’ll also be able to see what you have more clearly in the short term if you get rid of those things. The following is a list of some suggestions for organizing your garage:

Set Aside A Specific Day Or Time For Decluttering.

De-cluttering should be done on a day or at a certain time that has been set aside. This will ensure that you don’t try to declutter your entire garage all at once and will help you remain on track as you work through the process.

Be Ruthless When Decluttering. 

Be as ruthless as possible when you are decluttering. It’s time to get rid of anything if you haven’t used it in a year or if you can’t see yourself ever using it again, even if you can imagine yourself utilizing it in the future.

Make It A Habit. 

Rather than being a one-time activity, decluttering should become part of your routine and become an ongoing process. You should schedule a reminder for yourself to clean up your garage every few months to stay on top of the situation.

Sort Items Into Categories.

When you are getting rid of clutter, you should sort goods into different categories, such as those that you will keep, those that you will sell or donate, and those that you will throw away. The processing of every one of your things will be simplified as a result of this.

Involve The Whole Family.

Involve the whole family: Getting the whole family involved in the process of decluttering will not only make it more enjoyable and productive, but it will also help everyone appreciate how important it is to keep the garage orderly.

Make Use Of The Items You Get Rid Of.

Put the objects you are getting rid of to good use: recycle the ones that aren’t in usable shape, donate the ones that are, and sell the ones that are. You will be able to clean up your garage while simultaneously contributing to the betterment of the community if you do this.

Regularly decluttering your garage can not only make it easier to find what you need and free up space but maintaining a garage that is decluttered can also help reduce stress and improve your sense of well-being.

For more information, just read about garage organisation ideas


To summarize, organizing a garage may seem like a daunting endeavour; yet, if one follows a few straightforward steps, the job can be finished quickly, effortlessly, and effectively.

Utilizing strategies such as labelling everything, hanging objects, grouping items that are similar together, making use of vertical space, utilizing a pegboard, and routinely tidying will go a long way toward ensuring that your garage remains organized, easily accessible, and efficient.

It is essential to keep in mind that the purpose of this endeavour is to develop a storage solution that is adapted to your particular requirements and inclinations.

You can transform your garage into a location that is not only useful but also one in which you take pleasure in spending time if you take the time to plan and then put these ideas into action. In addition, make it a point to maintain an uncluttered and organized garage consistently; doing so will ensure that your garage maintains its orderly state over time.

What Is The Best Tool To Cut Tree Branches?

Tools are the foundation of successful pruning. You should prioritise durable cutting equipment when you fill your tool shed. High-quality tools are more expensive but can be used repeatedly, sharpened, and even passed down through generations without needing to be replaced.

Depending on the diameter of the branches you’ll be cutting, select the appropriate pruning tool. When pruning a tree, it is best to focus on smaller branches rather than larger ones, as the latter will be more difficult for the tree to heal from. When trees are young, it is much simpler to perform deliberate trimming on them.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the best tools to cut branches. Read on to learn more.

What Is The Best Tool To Cut Tree Branches?

Depending on the size and thickness of the branches you need to cut, your personal preference, and the instruments at your disposal, you can choose the ideal tool for the job from among the many that exist. 

Here are some potential choices:

1. Hand Pruners:

Hand pruners, often called secateurs, are handheld tools used for trimming and cutting off smaller branches (up to about half an inch in diameter). You can use them with one hand because of the shape of the blades, which are bent to make clean cuts with less effort. In gardening and landscaping, hand pruners are a standard tool for trimming shrubs, bushes, and even small trees.

Bypass pruners have two blades that cut in opposite directions like scissors, and anvil pruners, which have a single blade that cuts against a flat surface, are only two of the many varieties of hand pruners available.

Depending on the specifics of the task at hand, you should select the most appropriate type from the available options, since they each have their own set of benefits and strengths.

2. Loppers:

Loppers, which are larger than hand pruners, are used to chop through heavier branches (up to about 2 inches in diameter). Branches are less of a challenge to cut with these tools because of the larger handles and increased leverage. There are several varieties of loppers, similar to hand pruners.

These include the bypass lopper and the anvil lopper. Instead of cutting against one other, the blades of bypass loppers go around them like scissors, whereas the blade of an anvil lopper presses down against a flat surface.

If you need to prune or trim a tree or shrub and have trouble reaching higher branches or cutting through thicker branches, loppers are a great tool to have on hand. The highest branches can be reached by either hand or by mounting them on poles.

3. Pruning Saws: 

Pruning saws, as the name implies, are specialized cutting tools used for trimming tree branches and bush shrubbery. Their long, curved blades are perfect for slicing through thicker branches, and they may be used with either your hands or mounted on poles for access to higher branches.

The best pruning saw for you will be determined by the size and thickness of the branches you need to prune. Different pruning saws feature different blade shapes, some with a straight blade and others with curved blades and teeth optimized for cutting wood.

Pruning saws are superior to regular saws for this kind of work since they are purpose-built for the task at hand, include user-friendly features like ergonomic handles, and are lightweight. If you need a cleaner, more exact cut while pruning, these shears are a great option.

4. Chainsaws: 

Large branches and even small trees are no match for a chainsaw’s strong blade. To make quick work of lumber, they employ a motor to drive a chain with sharp teeth around a guide bar. In general, chainsaws aren’t used for trimming, but they can help remove thicker branches or down small trees.

They are dangerous instruments that must be handled with care and expertise. Chainsaws can be dangerous and difficult to manage, so they are not suggested for novice users or use on small branches.

Hiring a professional tree service or arborist is an excellent idea if you need to have large branches or trees chopped down since they have the necessary knowledge and experience to do it safely.

Remember to always work cautiously and adhere to the tool’s instructions when using it. Wearing gloves and eye protection is also recommended when working with any of these instruments.


Pruning your trees regularly is an important part of maintaining their health and keeping them safe. With the right tools, you can easily handle most of your pruning needs yourself. However, if you’re dealing with larger branches or more complex work, it’s best to call a professional tree care company for assistance.

They have the expertise and specialized equipment necessary to tackle any job safely and effectively. Ultimately, choosing the right tool for cutting tree branches will ensure that you get the results you want in a safe and timely manner. 

If you want to hire professionals to cut some branches of your trees, just hop on to tree cutters

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